Sensory Toys X 2 pcs


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This is a monthly mystery Fidget Box for Kids.

The Fidget Toy Box includes:

  • 1-6 Mystery Fidgets
  • Bonus: Inspirational Card or mochi is often included
  • Fun Monthly Fidgets including some of the following:
    Bubble Pop, Dimple, Tangle, Tube Pop, Squish Toys, Infinity Cube, Stress Balls, Stretchy Toys, Spiky Balls, Marble Mesh Finger Fidget, Flow Ring, Tangle, Mochi, Slap Bands, Small Putty, Glow/LED toys, Roller Rings, Dimple Spinners, Textured, fuzzy or bubble pop bracelets, Snapperz
  • Many of our fidgets can fit in a pocket, purse, backpack
  • This is a compact mini box
  • Makes a great gift for a tween!
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Sensory Toys X 2 pcs